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Roughrice Ferments

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Spicy Club Med – Rosa bianca eggplants, padrons, Bulgarian carrot chillies, Antohi peppers and Hot Portugese chillies all grown organically in Penna by Tony Scherer and the Rocky Top Farm Collective with basil, tarragon and chervil from the garden. Fermented for 9 months in a big ceramic crock then finished with apple and quince vinegars. Spicy and acidic it also has a wonderful freshness and complexity. A celebration of the summer that was with a nod to the Mediterranean. Use this in a variety of ways; great w seafood (hello ceviche), a little added to passata top spice up pasta dishes, a splash mixed with good olive oil for dressings. It is pretty hot though so a little goes a long way.

Fire Tiger – With a nod to a traditional ‘Fire Cider’ (an age-old remedy for boosting the immune system), this potion combines;  fermented turmeric, ginger and garlic ‘mother’ (6yo) w fermented chilli, apple vinegar, ume vinegar, quince vinegar and spices then is further aged. Take a spoon (or more) a day to keep your immune system in check or use as a punchy and acidic salsa (great finishing off stir fry’s or curry’s).  Be like tiger.