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Rummo Pasta

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Rummo Calamarata Nº 141 500g

Calamarata takes its name from “calamaro”(squid) due to its unmistakable resemblance to squid rings. Appropriately, it’s the perfect partner for seafood sauces made with mollusks, scampi and clams.

Rummo Casarecce Nº 88 500g

Shaped like a small, smooth scroll, Casarecce is perfectly sculpted to hold sauce inside its curved hollows. It’s appropriate with classic ragù but also with more imaginative preparations such as cream of fava beans.

Rummo Gluten Free Mezzi Rigatoni Nº 51 400g

Rummo gluten-free Rigatoni works beautifully with dense sauces that nestle inside each ribbed tube. It’s delicious with scampi, cream of artichoke, and the traditional Campanian sauce of beans and mussels. 

Rummo Linguini  Nº 13 500g

Linguine (or Trenette) comes from Liguria, where it’s always been linked to Genoese pesto. It’s extremely versatile, though, and is exquisite with sauces containing shellfish,
lobster or squid ink.