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Flatty Tail, Fish and Chips

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Flatty tail, fish and chips 

On Island Time’s meals have been specially curated by our team for you to enjoy in your bespoke accommodation or at home. These meals showcase island ingredients, are generous in size and our easy step by step instructional cards make preparation easy. We recommend serving these meals in a large dish or pan that can be placed on a table to share. We suggest ordering 2-3 types of meals for one dinner so you can experience the variety of island inspired flavours.

What you get

Flathead tails, panko crumbs, flour, dozen eggs, Good Sauce aioli, lemon, spuds, wharf dressing and leaves. 


Local flathead, with all the bits and pieces required to make classic fried fish!  

Preheat oven to 250 degrees 

Wash and chop potatoes to your liking, par boil until soft, then place on baking paper, smother in olive oil. Season generously with salt and pepper. Bake in oven on high for 20 minutes or until crispy.

Defrost the fish, then firstly season the fish with salt and pepper, then coat in flour, egg and then panko crumbs. 

Heat pan with oil and shallow fry, serve with lemon and aioli. 

Place leaves in salad bowl and coat with wharf dressing. 



We recommend shallow frying for the best finished product. 

Wine pairing suggestion;

Havilah, Pinot Gris 

Beer pairing suggestion;


Note: we freeze our fish and meat to ensure the highest quality of freshness and shelf life. All products are cryovaced and frozen as soon as they are processed by our team at the Wharf. Once defrosted in the refrigerator we suggest fish and crayfish should be eaten within 3 days and red meat within 5 days. Please do not refreeze products once thawed.