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Flinders Island Crayfish Tail

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Size 320g

Our craytails have been prepared for your convenience. They will come frozen as we process them the same day that they come out of the water at Killiecrankie. We find this is the best way to keep them fresh and have maximum shelf life. Once defrosted they will last approximately 4 days in the fridge. The tails have been blanched for approximately 3 minutes and will need finishing off in a dish.

The idea is to be able to incorporate the cray into a recipe of your choice. Some examples might be a pasta, rice dish, on a steak (beef and reef) or in a soup.

  • Please remove craytail from the biodegradable cryovac bag.
  • Please note this bag cannot be sous vide (it will disintegrate in boiling water).
  • The craytail has been frozen so please do not refreeze it.
  • Cut the tail up into chunks
  • Add it in the final stages of cooking with lemon, butter, garlic and salt and pepper.