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Gibson 'Dirtman' Shiraz- Barossa, SA

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The Dirtman Shiraz is a hearty red wine with plenty of flavour and impact. Our most popular and celebrated wine, this renowned Barossa shiraz is named after our founder and chief winemaker, Rob 'The Dirtman' Gibson.

Rob has been known as 'The Dirtman' since his university days because of his deep connection to the earth. He is not only a highly-experienced winemaker and viticulturist but also a trained geologist, and he walks every section of our vineyards during vintage (harvest) to identify and analyse sectors that are influenced by geological variation. Decisions of what fruit is eventually picked is made down to the individual vine and bunch level. This attention to detail results in wines of exceptional quality and flavour.

The fruit in The Dirtman Shiraz is sourced from vineyards in both the Eden Valley and the Barossa Valley. The two regions are distinctly different in terms of climate and dirt. Bringing them together allows us to craft a wine that celebrates classic Barossa Shiraz generosity and plushness, with a backbone of finesse that is ideal for aging.

The Dirtman 2020 vintage has been matured in new and seasoned American oak and features intense aromas of ripe blackberry, stone fruit and plum skin, overlaid with nuances of smoky oak, coffee and vanillin spice. This full-bodied red wine has plenty of structure and depth, making it the perfect companion for rich and hearty dishes. Enjoy in front of the fire on a cosy night in or together with friends over dinner.