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Gibson, Fiano, Barossa SA

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Introducing the 2022 Discovery Road Fiano!

Originally of the Campania region of Italy, Fiano was likely the variety that formed the wine known as ‘Apianum’ in Roman times. Curiously, ‘Apiana’ itself being a Latin reference for bees, Fiano has a tendency to attract bees whilst in ripening stages on the vine.

Fiano is a grape that loves the heat, and it thrives in warm sunny climates. This means that it produces balanced wines with richness quite easily in hotter regions. Fiano has been gaining a solid reputation in Australia lately due to its ability to hold its acidity despite the warmer growing conditions.

Our bright, fresh Discovery Road Fiano is beautifully aromatic. Aromas of pineapple and honey melon are complemented by nuances of frangipani. The palate displays a soft medium mouthfeel with fresh flavours of pineapple, melon and apple and ends with beautifully balanced fresh acidity with a lingering finish.

Our foodies recommend pairing Discovery Road Fiano with grilled swordfish with lemon dill aioli, or a creamy pasta dish.